The Haas F1 Team driver update!

Update – 9/18/2015

This is an update to a previous article. Here are some recent updates.

It turns out that Jensen Button will not be driving for Haas next year. I don’t think I’m far from the crowd when i say he is probably taking a good long look at WEC, and he’s been chatting with Mark Weber. Life in the Porsche Compound is probably not too bad!

Romain Grosjean is looking more and more like the fit for The Haas F1 Team. Regardless of what happy at Lotus F1 Team, the trusting friendly hand shake of Mr. Haas was probably very comforting! Aside from being a world-class engineer, Championship Team Owner and automotive authority, he is a gentleman. And when you add it all up, what is there to think about. The Americans have relied upon the French in previous other startups, why not now? Romain Goasgean will be welcomed by American race fans. He’s a nice guy and can drive the crap out of an F1 car… SOLD!

Jean Eric Vergne is still a strong possibility for the Haas F1 Team. Haas might not be the only team on the market for Grosjean,  We can’t assume that  Mr. Haas has bottomless pockets.  Time will tell, and it will be his story to tell.  BUT… if another team makes Groajean “an offer he can’t refuse”, he may keep his brains and sign for more money!!!  and I think that’s Vergns’s best shot, and the target is fading every day!

Background on the Lotus F1 Team situation can be found in this article.